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William Park – 2016 VR Hall of Fame Inductee

Since its’ opening in 2006, the VR Hall of Fame has inducted an individual who has shown dedication to the VR way of life. Someone who has dedicated time to help others whether that being in their office, the VR organization, their community, or people around the world. Past inductees have been and continue to be the foundation of VR and exemplify our core value of putting our client’s needs ahead of their own.

This year’s inductee has been in the business of selling businesses since 1997. Starting as an Associate, William quickly learned about the profession and began to excel in the art of deal making. After numerous top producer awards, he was given the opportunity to become a partner in the firm that today he owns. For the past 20 years, he has been the driving force behind a team of 20 associates.

In 2008 his former partner, Paul Lin, was inducted into the VR Hall of Fame, and in 2009 his office had the first and only Associate, Bill Leuschner, to be inducted. Since the day we acquired VR in 1999, William has been a source of support, sharing, and friendship; in 2008 and 2010 he was awarded the VR Most Valuable Intermediary Award and remains the only two-time winner.

During this year’s annual awards ceremonies, his office was recognized for its 1000th VR Award, his induction to the VR Hall of Fame has been well overdue, with great honor and appreciation we are pleased to announce the 2016 Inductee to the VR Hall of Fame is William Park.

William “Bill” Leuschner – 2009 VR Hall of Fame Inductee

Bill contributed to VR Business Brokers for more than 30 years. He touched the lives and gave valued advice to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs looking to sell their business and a least double that amount of people who required help in chasing the American Dream of business ownership. In 2009, Mr. Leuschner became, and remains to this day, the first only VR Associate inducted into the VR Hall of fame.

At the end of 2012, we lost Bill to his battle with cancer, and there is no better way to address what he meant to the VR family than the quote his dear friend, William Park, “I hope we can all learn from how Bill lived his life. He was a true “good guy”. At times he seemed naive, but that was him showing you he chooses to give everyone the benefit of doubt, seeing first the good in all people. Bill was a great friend to anyone who knew him. Regardless of how your day was going, you could always afford to give Bill a smile, because you were guaranteed to receive one in return.”

Bill was the ultimate VR professional business intermediary.

Paul Lin – 2008 VR Hall of Fame Inductee

When an organization as rich in history as VR Business Brokers see’s the need to create its own Hall of Fame, and inducts only one person each year, those chosen are truly in rarified air. In 2008, Paul Lin was only the third person to ever be granted induction.

In 1982, Paul Lin identified the need in Southern California for professional services to aid 9in the buying and selling businesses and was granted the first VR Business Brokers franchise in the State of California. Originally located in Cerritos, CA, Mr. Lin grew the team to 20 associates representing anywhere from 200 to 300 businesses at any one time and now with a partner has kept this tradition of success for over 35 years.

A multi-cultural and multi-lingual approach entrenched Paul and his professional business intermediaries into the communities in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Mr. Lin has proven not only to lead by example in his own business, he has set standards for the VR organization, and the industry to follow.

Steve Benson – 2007 VR Hall of Fame Inductee

Mr. Benson began his career with VR Business Brokers as the corporate Director of Franchise Support and Training. After training the foundation of VR, Steve opened his own VR office in Huntington Beach, CA, which became a regular award winner and VR Top 10 recipient.

During his tenure as a member of the VR Business Brokers National Advisory Committee, Mr. Benson was one of only a few people who could address issues from both a franchisors and franchisee perspective. As recognition for his dedication to VR, its people and their education, and to and industry in need of leadership, Steve Benson was the 2007 inductee into the VR Hall of Fame.

Today, Mr. Benson remains part of the VR family and a contributor to the betterment of the organization.

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