Why VR?

Why Use VR When Buying or Selling a Business

VR in Artesia, CA is one of the most successful and highly awarded offices throughout the history of VR. Ranked in the top 10 consistently for decades and all recent years as #1 in “Most Businesses Sold”, topping all VR offices domestically and internationally.

When it comes to small business and divesting, the smart choice is using VR for Valued Representation. Our office is centrally located in Los Angeles.

William Park accepting his 2016 Hall of Fame award

Whether you are in South Orange, North LA County, San Bernardino, or anywhere in the LA region, it’s only a 30-minute drive. Our team resides all over the area from Beverly Hills to Laguna Beach and commute to the VR office each day because this is where deals get done! We are the market place for buyers and sellers of small businesses.

If you feel it is important to use highly successful representation, VR should be your choice. Our office represents over 200 sellers and buyers each year. Let us help you prepare, represent, navigate, negotiate, and close on your behalf. We’ve performed them for banks, attorneys, financial institutions, and for small business owners.

There is no cost for a consultation.

Please ask about our independent fee-based appraisals.

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