Daycare Catering for Senior Contracts – 10 Years in Business

Price: $298,000

Location: Los Angeles County, CA

Industry: Catering Companies

Listing ID: 01985448JH

Listing Status: Reduced Price


Listing ID - 01985448JH

Offering a unique business opportunity, this catering provider specializes in providing meal services to a daycare center for seniors, tailored to meet the nuanced dietary needs and preferences of the elderly.

This specialized approach ensures that each meal is nutritious and appealing to its recipients, offering a thoughtful blend of health and taste.

The seller (catering provider) and daycare will enter a comprehensive catering agreement for each contract.

These contracts meticulously outline the duration of the service, specific meal requirements, delivery arrangements, payment schedules, and provisions for any dietary restrictions or preferences, ensuring clarity and mutual satisfaction.

The conditions stipulated in the contract determine the compensation for catering services.

Options include per-meal charges, per-attendee rates, or a customized payment plan tailored to suit both parties' needs.

This flexible payment structure accommodates the daycare center's financial and operational objectives.

At the conclusion of the contract period, the daycare center and the catering provider can renew the agreement, contingent upon their mutual satisfaction with the service provided.

Conversely, should there be any breach of contract or a shift in requirements, either party has the right to terminate the agreement prematurely, allowing for adaptability and reassurance for both sides.

This catering business presents a remarkable opportunity for those looking to venture into a sector that combines care with culinary expertise, catering to a demographic that values health and flavor in their daily meals.


Down Payment: $298,000

Total Sales: N/A

Cash Flow: $120,000



Accounts Receivable: N/A

FFE: $20,000

FFE Included: No

Inventory: N/A


Year Established: 2006

Days & Hours of Operation: 6 Days (6am to 4pm)

Owner Hours Per Week: Full Time

Non-Owner Payroll: N/A

Absentee Owner: No


Real Estate: N/A

Monthly Rent: $4,100

Type of Location: Strip Center

Square Footage: 1500


Reason For Sale:


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